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Unemployment raises mortality risk because of unhealthy behaviors

Unemployment Raises Mortality Risks, Recession Effects Counteract

Although signs of economic recovery are generally good for the jobless, there are some recent finding that might shed a different light on the matter. Researchers from Drexel University from Pennsylvania found that unemployment...

Pre-baccalaureate Degree Workers have low wages
Dell accepts bitcoin from U.S. customers
American corporations avoid taxes through inversion
American teens are financial illiterates
Obama administration will soon adapt contraception coverage through Affordable Care Act

Administration to Adapt Contraception Coverage after Wheaton College Case

Obamacare faces new challenges, although not insurmountable ones, as it will have to adapt contraception coverage. After the Hobby Lobby case determined important changes in how the Affordable Care Act obliges employers to cov...

Senator Johnson Case against Obamacare was ruled out
BRICS Development Bank established at Fortaleza, Brazil
Sri Lanka asylum seekers. Image from themalaymailonline.com
Germany accuses US of spying once more. Image by AFP
Polaris slingshot motorcycle to be on the market in the fall of 2014

Three-wheel Polaris Slingshot Motorcycle Announced

Motorcycles are a lot of fun. But they are equally dangerous as they are fun and many people are reluctant to drive one. If you are tempted to ride a motorcycle but did are not satisfied with only two wheels, Polaris Slingshot ...

Ford Mustang 2015 to be realesd in the fall
Amazon seeks approval from FAA for drone testing.
Pew Research Internet Center conducts study on internet threats
General Motors recalls cars due to faulty airbags