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Twitter Sued U.S. Justice Department

Twitter Sued the U.S. Justice Department for Right to Free Speech

At the beginning of September we saw a new feature announced by Twitter, the Buy button and today we have the latest Twitter news: it appears that Twitter sued the U.S. Justice Department for the right to reveal surveillance in...

Facebook’s Shuttle Drivers
Purchase of WhatsApp
Apple Bankrupts Sapphire Glass Makers
HP Will Split into Two Businesses
Facebook Will Keep Selling Ads Based on User Data

Facebook Will Keep Selling Ads Based on User Data

Yesterday we reported on the new Ello social network and we talked about how some people believe that it’s going to be the death of Facebook. Today, we’re going to take a look at what Facebook is up to these days and we’r...

UK Trade Deficit widens in the second quarter
Italy Enters Another Recession as its economy contracts for a second quarter
Chinese solar panel producers face punitive comercial measures
French Bank BNP Paribas to pay $8.7 billion fine
Terrorist Training Camp

Terrorist Training Camp Attendee Arrested by Scotland Yard

We’ve seen the latest autopsy report on the body of Michael Brown that revealed the young boy was shot at close range and now it’s time for some more police-related news. It appears that U.K.’s Scotland Yard have arrested...

Michael Brown Was Shot Within Close Range
President Obama underlined his wish to increase unionization rates.
obama promises veterans better healthcare
Greece Rating Position Increased on Friday
Amazon Kindle Voyage Review

Amazon Kindle Voyage – The Best E-Reader to Date

It was in September that we talked about rumors for the new Amazon Kindle Voyage and now we’re thrilled to announce that the Amazon Kindle Voyage has been launched. In today’s article we’re going to give you a short Amazo...

Apple Pay is Now Available
Kickstarter Anonymising Router
Apple Removes Bose Products
James B. Comey FBI Director