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Dell accepts bitcoin from U.S. customers

Dell Accepts Bitcoin as Payment Option

Five years ago, Bitcoin was started. Few people believed the digital currency will actually catch on. But on Friday the announcement that Dell accepts Bitcoin does not come as a surprise. Dell claims to be the biggest retailer ...

American corporations avoid taxes through inversion
American teens are financial illiterates
Larry Page Solution for Technological Unemployment. Image from Mashable.com
Senator Johnson Case against Obamacare was ruled out

Federal Judge Rules Out GOP Senator Johnson Case against Obamacare

U.S. Republican Senator of Wisconsin Ron Johnson sued Obama administration on the grounds of how the Affordable Care Act is applied. Senator Johnson Case against Obamacare claimed that Congress members must not enjoy preferenti...

BRICS Development Bank established at Fortaleza, Brazil
Sri Lanka asylum seekers. Image from themalaymailonline.com
Germany accuses US of spying once more. Image by AFP
After waiting for one year, Obama takes executive action on immigration reform
Ford Mustang 2015 to be realesd in the fall

Ford Mustang 2015 Specs Released

Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic American muscle car. Everybody is excited about the new Ford Mustang 2015 model. Ford just released on Thursday the basic specs of next years’ model. Ford Mustang 2015 is the first model...

Amazon seeks approval from FAA for drone testing.
Pew Research Internet Center conducts study on internet threats
General Motors recalls cars due to faulty airbags
human remote - controlling project