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FCC Spectrum Auction Postponed Due to Legal Hiccups

The United States’ Federal Communications Commission had to postpone its major auction over low-frequency airwaves until 2016 because of ongoing legal issues surrounding it.  This auction, which should have originally taken ...

Twitter Sued U.S. Justice Department
Facebook’s Shuttle Drivers
Purchase of WhatsApp
Facebook Will Keep Selling Ads Based on User Data

Facebook Will Keep Selling Ads Based on User Data

Yesterday we reported on the new Ello social network and we talked about how some people believe that it’s going to be the death of Facebook. Today, we’re going to take a look at what Facebook is up to these days and we’r...

UK Trade Deficit widens in the second quarter
Italy Enters Another Recession as its economy contracts for a second quarter
Chinese solar panel producers face punitive comercial measures
French Bank BNP Paribas to pay $8.7 billion fine
Race-Based Punishment

California Ends Race-Based Punishment in Prisons

In 2006 two guards at the California’s High Desert State Prison were attacked by a group of African American prisoners. After the riot was contained, the warden of the prison declared a full lockdown that kept all the African...

Terrorist Training Camp
Michael Brown Was Shot Within Close Range
President Obama underlined his wish to increase unionization rates.
obama promises veterans better healthcare
Microsoft Band

Microsoft Launched Microsoft Band, Their First Wearable Fitness Device

The rumor mill has been has been churning out rumors about the first wearable fitness device from Microsoft for quite a while. Today, Microsoft silenced them and launched the Microsoft Band, their first fitness bracelet priced ...

Microsoft Will Keep Using Nokia Brand
Amazon Kindle Voyage Review
Apple Pay is Now Available
Kickstarter Anonymising Router