OS X Mavericks Release Date Towards End October by Apple

The latest version of the OS X from Apple titled Maverick had been announced at the WWDC event held in June. This is an upgrade that Apple users are anxious for though as per the latest inputs on this, they may have to wait a while longer as the software is now in its seventh beta stage and can be expected for release only towards end of October. This information can be taken as the closest to real in the absence of any official announcement, coming as it is from 9to5Mac who in turn are depending on anonymous sources for the same.


Apple’s other important software launch of the year, the iOS 7 will be available from September 18 though the same is already available via the two iPhone devices Apple launched recently. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are the only devices to run the latest iOS 7 right now though more are going to be added to the list from September 18th. Apple has stated that its iPhone 4 and above and all models starting from the second gen iPad will be compatible with the new iOS 7.

Meanwhile, past trends add more substance to the Maverick release date being slated for end of October. One being that as per past precedence, Apple releases their latest OS X version only after the fourth quarter earnings have been called in. That happens towards the middle of October and if Apple is sticking to that schedule, a release date of the OS X Maverick can well be expected only towards third week of October.

The other new launch from Apple would be their MacBook Pro products. This can also be expected to be launched in end October as Apple would like to launch the latest OS X which would be running on their MacBook to come at the same time. Rumors however are there about Apple not waiting for the OS X to be ready and launching their MacBook Pro units. Users would need to upgrade to the new OS when it is launched later. This possibility cannot be ruled out completely.

What users can expect from the OS X Maverick version are quite a few additional features to make the usage of the device more interesting. The present OS X Mountain Lion lags in the Finder functionality which is quite limited in its scope. The web browser Safari also can be expected to be improved with the Maverick version. The Maps and iBook Apps also would be more interesting in the Maverick version. The beta phase of the OS is working on the multi performance capability that the OS would allow the device it runs on.

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    Do you think Mavericks will be running on the Macbook air if I buy it after they’ve released it?