Apple iPad Mini, Don’t buy it as New iPad Mini 2 Release Date Near

Apple iPad Mini has been one of the best selling devices from the Apple camp ever since it was launched in October last year. Its compact dimensions coupled to its thin and light attributes ensured it quickly rose to the top of the consumer tablet preference and continues to remain there even after almost a year of being in service.

During the time, it had to wade off competition from the likes of devices such as the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD, all quite capable devices in their own right. No wonder the Apple table continues to be in demand even now, almost a year after it was first launched. However, it might still not be the best time to pick up on the iPad Mini.

Here is why.

iPad Mini

The biggest reason here is that a new version of the iPad Mini, the new iPad Mini 2 release date should be just weeks away from a formal launch.

Of course Apple is yet to confirm the above though rumors have been busy predicting an October release for the new iPad Mini. That is not without reason though, as the current version is quickly approaching its first anniversary, which makes it ready for a replacement. That it would feature quite a few advancements over the current version is all too obvious. What makes us crave for the new iPad series even more is the latest iPhone versions which come packed by a 64 bit A7 chips.

Also, the current iPad Mini does not have a Retina Display, something that can be considered its greatest drawback. With Google already improving on this with the new Nexus 7 that comes with a pixel rich display, the onus is now on Apple is match the same with a retina display for the next iPad Mini version. However, just in case the iPad Mini 2 does not come with the display that is being hoped for, the iPad Mini would have slashed price by then. So buyer would get a cheaper iPad Mini at that time.

The iPad Mini 2 has some other aspects for which it would be wiser to wait for and check out prior deciding on the iPad Mini right away. With Apple launching the iOS 7 also which would have support for the finger print scanning and security feature in it, the iPad Mini 2 is all probability would have that feature on it also. iPad Mini 2 should also have a better camera given the fact that Apple every year comes up with a better camera on its devices.