Batman: Arkham Origins’ Release Date Set to 25th October

A new teaser of Batman: Arkham Origins is doing rounds on the web. The trailer shows Batman attacking Deathstroke. When it comes to superhero games, the Batman series has been one of the most successful video games. The teaser was officially released by the makers which show couple of interesting screenshots from the game and game play details.


The Batman: Arkham Origins will be released on 25th October and it will be available for PC, Xbox, Wii U and PS3. The makers have only released a teaser of the game. The full trailer is scheduled to be rolled on 20th May.

The game world has been developed beautifully. It as big as the Arkham City. The game is still being developed by Warner Bros Games Montreal. The story of the game will make you go back in time earlier than the previous editions of Batman games namely Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. It shows Dark Knight at early stage of his career. He is young character who wants to fight crime and then goes on to become Batman.

While playing Arkham Origins, you will come across familiar characters like Penguin and Deathstroke. However, the main villain of new game will be Black Mask. Another rumor reveals that the major villain is going to be Deathstroke. He is leader of the Gotham City’s criminal underworld.T he game begins at Old Gotham city where there are slums and a big mall.

If you checkout the teaser video, you will see Deathstroke and Batman looking at each other and ready to attack. The fight begins and continues for couple of seconds and then the Batman: Arkham Origins logo shows up. Hopefully, the new trailer which will be launched on 20th May will let us see much more of the new Batman game.

It is not clear yet as who will be voicing the Dark Knight character. According to Joystiq, actor Roger Craig Smith will voice Batman’s character. According to the recent IGN report, Kevin Conroy will be voicing Dark Knight. It may be possible that both Roger and Kevin will dub their voice for Bruce Wayne at different phases in his life. Roger may lend his voice for the older character of Wayne whereas Smith may lend his voice for younger Batman.

Amazon also revealed something interesting about the new edition of Batman game. Amazon is offering Batman: Arkham Origins DLC as a freebie for people who place pre-order. Recent reports also revealed that the Batman: Arkham Origins is going to be available with multiplayer options.