Meet Duster, The Facebook Friends Cleaning App

dusterSome say that if you don’t have a Facebook profile, you don’t exist. Back in the day, the social network aimed to help people get connected, stay connected and make new friends. In today’s world, one can have literally hundreds of “Facebook friends” whom he or she never spoke with, or never considered worthy of a status Like.

We all have some faces out there we never took an interest in, who never contacted us, who never wrote one single interesting post for us to appreciate. So unfriending these people and unfollowing them is quite the procedure in such cases. You browse your list manually and get a sore finger for pushing the Unfriend button a couple of hundred times.

But unfriending people on Facebook is not so psychologically comfortable. It makes you look like a bad person who doesn’t give people a chance. Not to mention that doing this by hand is awfully time – consuming. Today we have news for the ones challenged by the whole Unfriend shenanigans: meet Duster, the Facebook Friends cleaning app!

Alyssa Bereznak from Yahoo Tech explains us how Duster works:

The free app connects to Facebook and analyzes which of your friends you’ve barely interacted with lately. Within a couple of seconds, it’ll offer recommendations, in the form of a pinboard of forgotten faces, of people to remove from your social circle. The app can also finger accounts that belong to friends you may not interact with much on Facebook, but whom you are genuinely interested in. So as much as this is an app meant to clear the residue of forgotten acquaintances, it might motivate you to rekindle fading friendships, too.

In case you aren’t ready to make irrevocable decisions, such as completely remove a “friend” from the list, you can choose the Hide option Duster offers you: instead of making people disappear, you can just keep them out of your sight. The list will still be cluttered, but at least you won’t have to see the same old boring jokes one floods your news feed with every day.

The downside of Duster, the Facebook Friends cleaning app, is that other people can use it to dust you off from their lists. If the perspective doesn’t bother you a bit and you’re still bent to finish that spring cleaning you started, you can try Duster anytime you want. You will have to sign in your Facebook account so Duster can do its magic and start purging people. You are in control of everything, as the app won’t unfriend anybody without your permission. The app is free and quite successful so far, from what we’ve heard.

  • Pat Canady

    What kind of message does the other person get when you Dust them off? This isn’t explained.