Galaxy Note 3 Features: 5 Advantages Over The iPhone 5S Release Date

We are on the verge of being pampered with the new iPhone 5S as well as the Galaxy Note 3 release dates. Both the devices will be out in the coming weeks and will woo consumers with a great deal of features. While the Note 3 is likely to be launched on September 4, just a few days down the line, the September 10 Apple event is expected to yield the new iPhone 5S. Or in other words, there is a royal battle in the offing the stakes of which will be unusually high this time round.

This since Samsung has rapidly climbed on consumer acceptance on the back of some impressive device launches during the last few years. Apple on the other hand, has been able to maintain the lead but there seems a sizeable chunk of its user base who won’t mind to shift camps if there is a better device for the taking. Also, the Apple flagship could be seen puny in the face of other ‘flagship devices’ such as the HTC One Max, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra as well the Note 3.


Galaxy Note 3 Features

Although both these devices are expected to outsmart one another in many respects, a keen look at their features will help in finding out as to which of the two is the better device. A number of leaks in recent times have also given a clear picture as to which of the two will be more in demand. None of the two can be declared a cleared winner over the other. However, there does exists some areas where the Note 3 can be considered to have a clear advantage over the iPhone. Mentioned here are just some of the aspects where the iPhone can be found lacking vis-à-vis the Note 3.

If rumors are considered, the Note 3 will feature a full HD 5.7 inch display whereas the iPhone 5S will be featuring the same 4 inch Retina display like its predecessor, the iPhone 5. The large screen space is a boon for those who appreciate it. It makes for a great movie or video watching experience given the bigger display, something that is not quite possible in the iPhone 5S owing to the smaller screen size. It is for the same reason that the Galaxy Note 3 can be considered ideal for the gamers as well as the ones hooked onto reading. True there are many who prefer a more handy and compact device when it comes to a smartphone though the added advantage that the bigger display of the Note 3 can’t de denied either.

Internal memory is turning out to be a major issue with smart connected devices in the digital age what with there being so much to deal with and store these days. Smartphones as it stands right now are not only for making voice or video calls or for connecting to the internet. Manufacturers rather harp on other most sought after qualities of smartphones regularly. These include watching movies and videos, playing games, listening to music, taking pictures and so on. And all of these does make a substantial amount of memory mass, which can go well beyond several GBs.

iPhone 5S vs The Note 3

In such a scenario, the iPhone 5S is expected to follow the usual 16, 32 and 64 GB memory configurations that Apple devices have been known for. The Note 3 though is expected start at 32 GB with there being another 64 GB variant as well. However, where the Note 3 could really beat the iPhone 5S is the incorporation of a microSD card slot which can bump the total storage to all the way up to 96 GB. Both these devices will also be using cloud storage but the Galaxy Note 3 will appeal a great deal to those who are looking for plenty of space for games, apps, images, videos and so on.

Another positive aspect of Galaxy Note 3 is likely to be its removable back cover which will allow the battery to be removed easily and replaced by another of higher capacity for those who need more juice out of their device.

Multitasking has been one of the key qualities of the Note 3 and the same is expected to get a major fillip with the Note 3 device, more so since the upcoming device is expected to feature a RAM of 3 GB and a quad core Qualcomm 800 processor.  With that much of processing power as disposal and the large screen real estate, the Note 3 is ideal for multitasking.

Users can easily work with two open apps simultaneously or watch videos while performing other tasks. While the new iOS 7 does incorporate multitasking, the same is not expected to be as extensive and elaborate as on the Note 3. The less screen space is also another reason for the iPhone not been best suited for multitasking.

The Note 3 also comes with an S Pen that can be put inside the device neatly when not in use. The S Pen does add to the functionality of the Note 3 immensely and can be used for quick note taking or for sketching on the device. None of that sort accompanies the iPhone which seriously limits its functionality when compared to the Note 3.