Galaxy Note 3 Release Date Soon as AT&T Announce Galaxy Note 8.0, S4 Active for US Launch

Samsung finds favor in AT&T’s announcements. There is the Galaxy Note 8.0 and the Galaxy S4 Active that AT&T announced availability through their sources. They have however not given out any exact details of the date of the availability. The announcement mentions that the Galaxy Note 8.0 would be coming with the Long Term Evolution of AT&T and about the specialty of the S4 Active model from AT&T, that it would have a larger than common lens factor. The Samsung S4 Active model which AT&T would retail would have a 5 MP resolution for the camera which would be the back facing one.


The difference between Galaxy Note 8.0 from other variants of Samsung is its larger size and also that it come with the S-pen along with some other additional features as well. The OS for this new device would be Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and have the TouchWiz running over the OS. The device would also have Airview and such other services running on it or compatible for running on it. Other hardware specs include the quad core processor and the front facing camera for video chatting.

The two devices that AT&T announced belong to the line of products that Samsung had planned for releasing as part of their mid-2013 agenda. This is as per the set launch pattern which the Korean giant adheres to every year. Plans are afoot by the makers of these gadgets to come up with an all new premium category product which should be the Galaxy Note 3.

The phablet would have the latest in all aspects, like the camera being larger, the display also being of higher resolution and the OS version being the latest in Android along with the TouchWiz feature. Further, the Note 3 is also expected to first make its landing in the US with all the major carriers lending their support to the device for sure.