HTC (One, One X+, One S) Not to Provide Android Kit Kat Upgrade to Most of its Smartphone Models

If you have had enough of Android Jelly Beans, Google has promised Android Kit Kat that would be launched soon. Jelly Bean has been one landmark Android version that had made the Google mobile operating system a household name. No doubt, all of that has further added to our excitement for the Kit Kat version, more so after it derives its name from one of the most popular of Nestle’s Cadbury products.

Android Kit Kat

The name Kit Kat comes from the association of Google with Nestle, the maker of Kit Kat chocolates in the making of this new upgraded Android OS version. The upgrade is expected to bring in competition to the likes of iOS 7. Rumors have it that the Kit Kat upgrade could be released by Google in October this year. That is when the Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 models from Google are also expected to see light of the day. No doubt Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS upgrade is quite a talked about topic. Most Android users are awaiting this update as it promises lots of interesting add-on features to it. While Google has not yet come out officially about the release date or other associated announcements on the Kit Kat, that hasn’t stopped many from cooking up their own stories. One of these being that the HTC handsets would not be getting the upgrade to KitKat.

Devices that seem very likely to get the update are the Vega Iron handset from Pantech. Nexus 4 is another device that is likely to benefit from the Android Kit Kat upgrade even though the device is already sold out and its replacement is expected soon. The same also applies to the first generation Nexus 10 device as well.

LLabTooFeR is a source that gets inside information from HTC for public domain, and they report that the only HTC smartphone’s which would probably get the Kit Kat upgrade are the Droid DNA and HTC Butterfly models. Unfortunately, many of the erstwhile HTC devices such as the HTC One and X+ as well as HTC One S are least likely to get the android Kit Kat upgrade.

HTC has been reluctant to even provide these handsets with the Android 4.3 upgrade though mass appeal forced the company to eventually change their decision. However, it’s Jelly Bean that the owners of the above mentioned handsets can expect at the most even though they are still quite capable devices.

  • Justin Ramsey

    Is there a typo? When you say, “HTC One, One X+,” do you mean “One X and One X+”?
    The One is only around 4 months old and is HTC’s current flagship, surely it will get 4.4…Right?!

  • radiotrib

    What a ridiculously ill-informed article. Of course HTC will upgrade the One. It’s only 6 months old and already going to be one of the first non-nexus phones to get 4.3. Astonishing to see a journalist with such an apparently good track record stooping to these lows.

  • Rob M.

    It will be upgraded, no idea where this guy is getting his information from. Now WHEN it will get upgraded is another question altogether, as HTC will for all intents and purposes have to retro fit sense UI over the new OS. Then the party gets really fun while Verizon stalls to get their crap on the bandwagon.

    And, of course, if you ask HTC why no upgrade they blame the carriers and vice-versa. Proprietary garbage that no one wants (or needs) is fun, thanks Big Red!