New Microsoft Surface 2 vs Apple iPad 4 – Windows Tablet vs the iOS Tablet War

On 23rd Sept, Microsoft announced the arrival of Surface tablets namely Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Both the tablets will go on sale form 22nd Oct. Even though there are many competitors in the market, Microsoft always at competing with Apple. For the predecessor Surface models, Microsoft had created a dedicated web page that spoke how Surface tablets were better than Apple iPad.

surface-2The Surface2 runs on the upgraded version of Windows RT which is the all new Windows RT 8.1. Let us compare the revamped Surface 2 with the most recent Apple iPad 4 [soon to be replaced by iPad 5] and see how do they stand against each other

Surface 2 is powered with Nvidia Tegra 4 T40 which is quad-core processor which delivers a clocking speed of 1.7GHz. It is coupled with 2GB RAM. On the other side, the iPad is powered with Apple’s A6X ARM dual-core processor. What we can conclude about the hardware is that both the manufacturers have customized the hardware and software so that they can work in sync with each other. If Apple has got iOS then Microsoft has got the latest Windows 8.1 RT onboard. As of now it is hard to determine how the performance and user experience will compare.

The Surface 2 comes with a powerful display compared to the predecessor model. The Surface tablet of 2012 offered a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The Surface 2 comes with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080pixels. Even though it offers full HD 1080p quality display, it is not that up to the mark compared to Apple’s Retina Display technology that offers an impressive crystal clear clarity through its 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution.

The Surface 2 is available in two storage variants namely 32GB and 64GB. The Apple iPad 4 is available in three storage variants namely 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. On Surface 2, you can expand the storage capacity by adding a microSD on its external memory card storage slot. It can read up to 64GB of microSD. The iPad 4 does not come with external storage.

The Surface 2 with 1.49 pounds weight weighs more than the fourth gen iPad’s weight of 1.43 pounds. As far as thickness is concerned, it measures only 0.35inch thick. Even Apple’s iPad 4 is quite thin with a thickness of 0.37inch. The difference in size and weight between the two tablets is mainly because Surface 2 comes with 10.6inch display and the iPad 4 comes with a 9.7inch display.

On the Surface 2, you get two full HD 1080p cameras at the rear and front. The front-facing camera is of 3.5MP which is good for Skype calling and video chat. The one at the rear is of 5MP. Apple iPad 4 has got a 5MP camera at the rear and there is a 1.2MP camera at the front which supports 720p. If quality of the image is a priority for performing video chats, Surface 2 is a better tablet.

Unique Feature
Apple iPad 4 does not have the unique feature which is available on the Surface 2 tablet. The Surface 2 comes with a kickstand which can be arranged in such a way that users will be able to use it as a regular laptop and make stand upright. So, it offers dual-position and better adjustability compared to last year’s model. Although Apple iPad 4 does not come with a kickstand, it does come with iPad SmartCover which can folded on one side to support the tablet.

On the other side, Microsoft offers TouchCover 2 and TypeCover 2 which now offers better accuracy and sensitivity while typing. Microsoft also offers host of other accessories for Surface 2 like docking stations and Surface music kit. Well, Apple offers a host of accessories for iPad like cases, keyboards, cabinets, and musical instruments.

Microsoft claims that the Windows Store is loaded with 100,000 apps. However, the problem with Surface 2 is apart from the apps available on Windows Store for Windows RT, the table will not support conventional desktop software. The Apple App Store has got whole lot of app options. More than 200,000 apps specifically designed for tablet and also there is a huge amount of games and media.

Surface 2 32GB edition is priced at 449USD which is 50USD less than the last year’s 32GB edition Surface tablet. The Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi only edition of 32GB can be purchased for 600USD. Apple iPad 4 with 4G LTE connectivity can be availed through Sprint, AT&T and Verizon at a price of 729USD. Microsoft is offering the Surface 2 with the all much needed improvements at a reduced priced compared to iPad.

What do you think about the new Surface 2? Will you purchase it or go for the advanced Surface Pro 2? Or are you still an Apple fan and would like for the Apple iPad 5 to arrive? Do let us know your views.

  • Neww Day

    I’m definitely going for the Pro 2 but also thinking of buying Surface 2 for my non techie mom

  • buttsagington

    i like the surface a bit better,its a freaking computer,it does portal 2,old republic,etc.
    also its great for business and school work,the cameras are better,it has microsoft word,the surface pen,oh yeah….its $350 dollars cheaper!
    surface wins