Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Gets Android Jelly Bean Update in Germany

Its Android Jelly Bean time for yet another Samsung device, the Galaxy Ace 2. However, the update is not completely new to the Ace 2 considering the smartphone has already received the update in Portugal. That is already a month now and after a brief period of lull, the Jelly Bean update for the Ace 2 is now ready once more, though it’s now a new variant of the Ace 2 that is set to join the party.


It’s the Galaxy Ace 2 variant with the model number GT-I8160P that has been provided with the update which is available both via Samsung Kies or over-the-air. The latest update is applicable to owners of the Ace 2 in Germany. Owners can avail of either method to download the update. Or if the official notification hasn’t reached yet, owners and trying to download it manually by tapping on Settings >> About >> Software Update.

As for the enhancements the Android Jelly Bean version is expected to bring to the Ace 2, they are already well known. These include a new TouchWiz user interface, new enhanced notification area, new widgets and so on. Then of course there is Google Now which is sort of a personal assistant aimed at making things simpler for the user. Android Jelly Bean also included a lot of enhancements brought about as part of Project Butter implementations which ensure better performance credentials. No doubt, the Galaxy Ace 2 will be a better performer post the update.