Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Android 4.2.2 Unofficial Update, Official Update Coming in June

Here is the piece of good news that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been looking for. The latest iteration of Android, version 4.2.2 is all set to debut in the previous Samsung flagship device in June itself. However, there is even better news available though that applies to the geeks who don’t mind tinkering with their device’s ROM. For the above mentioned update via unofficial channels is already reported to have hit the scene. Samsung too is reported to be in the final stages with the official update and since it will be released just this June, those who are not bold enough to flash their ROMs need not despair either.


Also of course, the update will introduce lots of exciting new features to the Galaxy S3. While it’s a certainty not all of the S4’s capabilities will make it to the S3, what is also almost certain is that many will eventually reach the S3. In any case, Galaxy S3 owners can look forward to some cool new features such as a new lockscreen animation, notification area that has been spruced up, and S Voice that has been enhanced a lot to allow for a thoroughly engaging experience.

Other features that Galaxy S3 owners can look forward to post the update include the new shortcut buttons that Android 4.2.2 has to offer. Then there also is the Daydream feature to look forward to, which when invokes will make the device to set screensavers on its own. Or it can also function as a digital photo frame or an alarm clock depending on how the user wishes to see the device.

If all of the above seem enticing enough to try out the update right away, click here. Or for those who’d like to walk the beaten path, the official update will be available just next month itself.

  • scintillate

    samsung always says one thing, then when it comes to that date, they never provide, or they do it so slowly that it gradually comes to north america after a year. never buying a samsung device again.

    • Samir Dubois

      dude HTC Sony and Motorola they are all worst, i had an atrix2 thatdidnt even got 4.1 and the S2 got it