Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumored to Come With a Metal Body

Samsung have been designing their Galaxy series of Smartphone’s with a plastic body. This is about to change if the talk that is going on comes true, and there is high probability of it being so.

The rumors doing the rounds is Samsung adding one more to their line of Galaxy models and this time it would be Galaxy S5. The second part of the talk mentions about the device having an aluminum body and not the plastic one which has been the choice of material for all their flagship devices till now.


Samsung has good reasons for this change, as its previous release, the Samsung Galaxy S4 had to compete against the likes of HTC One and iPhone5, both of which sport metal body. Samsung followers also have been continuously demanding a change from plastic. All these factors add up to the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy S5 being made up of other material than plastic, being very high.

There is however the Galaxy Note 3 which is expected soon, that would have the same plastic body. It would only be with the proverbial Galaxy S5 model that the aluminum body can be expected and the general layout of the device would be as per Samsung Design 3.0 is what the talks mention.

Samsung must surely be having some prototype designs in place and is in the process of eliminating or selecting the most probable one to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 finally. Samsung has not confirmed or given any indication of the shift from plastic to anything else till now.

There is the issue of the shift from plastic body leading to the fixed back design. This would mean the microSD card slot also not being available on the phone. Other possibility being presumed is the display being made of unbreakable material. All these even if it happens should not be expected before spring 2014.