Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date, Specs, Carriers (AT&T,T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon)

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the undisputed king in the world of smartphones at the present time. Now, all the fans of Samsung Galaxy S smartphones to eagerly waiting to know what features the successor will model of Galaxy S4 will come out with. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is in the making. Tech websites have already started keyphrases like Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, Samsung Galaxy S5 specs, Samsung Galaxy S5 review and so on.

As you can expect, the Galaxy S5 will be larger and wider than before. Also, it will come with a fast performing CPU. It is going to be powered with the latest Android OS. So, if you are curious to know what Galaxy S5 is going to feature, we have got many things for you to read and digest.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

The Galaxy S5 news and rumors at the moment all indicate to the fact that the smartphone is only going to arrive in the next year. Until now, the Galaxy S5 release date has not been revealed by Samsung. So, throughout this year we will see new rumors about the Galaxy S5 from its design to its internal specifications out of which some are going to come true whereas many others will be just fake information.

Galaxy S5’s Design
The Galaxy S4 is now having a variant called the Galaxy S4 Active which is a dust and water resistant variant of the smartphone. Even though the Galaxy S4 is quite popular now, critics have criticized the device for its plastic form factor. The Galaxy S5 will be sporting an aluminum body. This will make the device totally resistant from getting damaged from water and dust. According to a source from Samsung, the South Korean tech giant is going to start using the new Design 3.0 standard in the forthcoming Galaxy S5.

According to recent rumors, Samsung’s acquisition of carbon fibre specialist company called SGL Group indicates that Samsung will go for design makeover in the future. Samsung had officially revealed that mentioned that they will be making use of high-end lightweight materials in the newer models of its smartphones and tablets.

Android 4.3 or Android Key Lime 5.0
If Samsung sticks to what it has been doing in the past, the Galaxy S5 is slated to release in April or May 2014. Let us talk about the operating system of the Galaxy S5. By the time, the Galaxy S5 releases, the Android 4.3 OS will become old. Also, Google is known for releasing the newest edition of Google Nexus device, so the Android Key Lime 5.0 operating system is expected to arrive on the Nexus 5. If the Google Nexus 5 with Android 5.0 comes out before the Galaxy S5, then the Galaxy S5 will surely come out with Android 5.0. So, it is early to predict whether the Android 5.0 will be available on the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs
The predicted Galaxy S5 specs indicate 2GHz octa-core CPU. The Samsung Galaxy S4 with the model number SGT19500, the manufacturers have made use of its own chip which announced as octa-core chip. However, it was not true octa-core CPU in which only four cores could be used at one time. So, we hope that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be powered with true octa-core CPU.

The LG G2 is predicted to come out with 3GB RAM. The LG G2’s release is just around the corner. By the time Galaxy S5 arrives, there will be more devices running on 3GB RAM. According to the rumor mill, the Galaxy S5 will be powered with 4GB RAM.

Since it is called S5, it should at least 5 inch display. Some other rumors predict that the S5 will sport a 5.2 inch design. The wider screen will offer better navigation. Also, it will come with an inbuilt technology called Smart Eye Tracking which will make navigation on the Galaxy S5 much smoother. The display screen of the Galaxy S5 will offer a resolution of 1080 x 1280 pixels or higher. Like any other smartphone, the Galaxy S5 will come with features like accelerometer, proximity sensor, compass and gyroscope.

Talking about the camera of the Galaxy S5, the rear will sport a 16MP camera and at the front there is a 5MP. Even though the Nokia Lumia 1020 is equipped with 41MP camera, the next best camera lens after is the 16MP camera of Galaxy S4.

The external storage capacity will be upgraded to 128GB. Other general features like GPS, NFC, Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity will be available on the new Galaxy S5. The best thing about Galaxy line of phones is that as soon as they get launched, major carriers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile will start offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 at attractive prices.

What do you think about the Galaxy S5? Will it continue to rule the smartphone world or other brands like Nokia powered GDR3 Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry will give tough competition to it? Let us wait for the rumor mill to pour out new information. As soon as we get something interesting from reliable sources, we surely keep you posted on Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors and news.




  • Richard Bonnell

    Nicely reviewed but some things mentioned just will not happen or should not happen. A true octocore processor is useless… most applicatins cant even utilyze 4 cores yet. It will just be an unnecessary battery drain… but since we are in the middle of a spec war.. it wouldnt surprise me if it happened. I think the S5 will bump up the screen size, continue to use Super AMOLED, and a 1080p resolution. It will run an updated octocore BIGLittle architecture that is LTE enabled for NA market. 3 or 4 GB of RAM. Unforunately though I think it will still start at 16GB of internal storage…… this needs to change. The minimum these days needs to be higher. It hasnt changed in years. I’m more excited for the Note 3 but depending on what rumors sprout up in the net few months, I may be tempted to wait.

  • appie

    Nice piece, however i’m missing the part about fingerprint recognition and the flexible screen wich renders it unbreakable.
    In my opinion this are the 2 biggest wins for the S5 compared ot other companies.