Sony Honami, Xperia Z1 Release Date to Arrive Soon

Brands like HTC, BlackBerry and Sony that was losing out on business considerably in the past years have suddenly sprung into competitive brands in 2013. It was mainly because of the Xperia Z model and Xperia Tablet Z were the two devices that brought back profits to the Japanese tech giant. The recently released Sony Xperia Z Ultra is also quite a competitive device.

Now, Sony is working on Honami line of phones to come out in the market before the end of this year. The high megapixel camera centric Honami which may grab the best camera phone title of the year and the Honami Mini version are the expected devices from Sony.


The Sony Honami might be in the making but it is pegged to arrive on the 4th of September. This year Nokia released its PureView technology powered 41 megapixel Lumia 1020 phone and the Samsung has also released the Galaxy Zoom. Both the phones boast powerful photo shooting capabilities. However, these two handsets are going to get fitting competition from Sony by its Honami device.

What is the real of Sony Honami? The names like Honami and Sony i1 are nothing but code names. When the device nears its launching, the retail name of the product is unveiled. Sony is yet to release the official retail name of Sony Honami.

On XDA Developers forum, you can come across a very active developer by the name ‘DooMLoRD which stands for Lead Developer of Team UtterChaos and Member of Team ICX. According to them, the retail name of Sony Honami will be Xperia Z1. This rumor can come true because after the revelation of Sony Xperia Z1 was made by DooMLoRD, Sony’s Mobile PR starting following him on Twitter.

The Sony Xperia Z which released at the beginning of the year has been around for the last eight months and now Sony is set to time its new model, the Xperia Z1. The device is going to be unveiled at the IFA event that will be held at Berlin on Sept 4. Initially, the device was expected to be released in July but now it seems the Sept 4 is what we need to stay glued to for the release of Sony Honami.

What’s so special about the Sony Xperia i1 [Sony Honami or Sony Xperia Z1] is that it will be decked with a full HD 5inch display. Sony had packed in Triluminous technology on the Xperia Z. So, we feel Sony might offer something on the upcoming handset that boasts powerful camera.

Let’s talk about the camera of Sony Xperia Z1. The phone will come out with a stunning 20.7MP with 1 /2.3inch sensor G lens and BIONZ image processor. The camera on the Honami handset is capable of snapping 5248 x 3936 pixels resolution photos. Sony is also expected to launch fixable camera lenses with inbuilt sensors.

The Sony Xperia Z1 will be powered with quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU which will deliver 2.2GHz clocking speed. It will also come with 2GB RAM and 2MP front facing camera. Like the Sony Xperia Z, even the Xperia Z1 would be dust and water resistant handset.