T-Mobile Unveils Installment Payment Option for iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 With No Down Payment

iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 with the Retina display is being offered by T-Mobile under a special program. Buyers have the option to pay in installments spread over two years with no down payment. Customers would also get 200 MB of data usage per month for the entire lifetime of the slate. The offer is titled “Un-carrier 3.0 Part II”. Fortunately for the Android addicts, the deal is not an iPad exclusive but is also available for Android tablets as well. Customers would also benefit from reduced rates for data usage beyond the 200 MB mark.


Subscribers of T-Mobile who do not wish to opt for off-contract packages also have the option of going for the 500 MB of LTE service on  daily pass for 5$. After consuming the 500 MB users would yet have unlimited internet connectivity though at lower speeds. Users can also opt for 10 GB of LTE at $10 with unlimited connectivity beyond that at lower speeds.

For those opting for T-Mobile’s voice services, a $10 plan gives the user 500 MB of additional LTE data and followed by unlimited usage though at reduced speeds. Users can shell out $10 for 2 GB packages of LTE speed whenever they so desire. There is also an option of $30 for 2.5 GB per month of LTE and $40 for 4.5 GB of LTE speeds per month.

For those looking to pay in installments, the iPad Air would come for $26.25 per month in the 16 GB variant and the iPad Mini with Retina display would come for $22.08 per month. The plans would run for two years. To compare costs, the iPad Mini without Retina display comes for $17.91 per month in installment scheme.

Android devices that can be picked up under this scheme are the Nexus 7 for $16 per month and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.10.1 for $19 per month. All these schemes have the same no down payment requirement clause to them. T-Mobile scheme also includes buy back scheme and tablets with just Wi-Fi would also fetch some buy back amount to be adjusted against the new tablet.

These schemes are going to be available from November 1.