Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors – S4 Mini And S4 Active to follow

A Bluetooth SIG filing for a gadget labeled Samsung SCH-I545L gives substance to the idea of a new Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 coming up in the near future. The previous Verizon Galaxy S4 had a model number of SGH-I545. The new model being filed for has an extra L to it.


Samsung is coming out with a number of gadgets in its Galaxy S4 line of product. There would be the Galaxy S4 Mini and then the Active as well as the Zoom models to fill up the line. A Galaxy S4 which would have a Snapdragon 800 processor at its core is also in the tunnel along with one more that would be sporting Advanced-LTE.

The Galaxy S4 which is being talked about going the Verizon way would not be the Verizon Galaxy S4 with a 32 GB memory. The one being talked about is a customized one and which would allow its users to change the back plate. This limited edition pieces from Verizon would be designed either by Kink, Kid Robot, KAWS or Undefeated.

These talks have not been confirmed or even mentioned by Samsung in any platform. The information however comes from evleaks who has been experienced to be quite accurate with their predictions.

The Bluetooth SIG where this model with the missing L has been applied for does not also give any further details of the device. It could be either an Advanced LTE model or the model with a customized back, the latter item being the more probable one. For sure it is going to be a new Verizon Galaxy S4 model is what can be concluded as of now. The rest is all accurate speculation as of now.

  • Saber008

    I would love to get that Snapdragon 800 CPU variant on Verizon, but I heard it’s a South Korean exclusive anyway. I’ve been waiting for the 32GB Model of the Standard S4 for months now…and I don’t even want that, I want the 64GB version.

    • carl

      then buy a 64gb sd card

  • xMVince

    Come on Verizon, better come get our money before we switch to a better carrier!
    Release the S4 Active soon!