Xbox One Day One Release Date Edition Chances Over, Still You Can Go for Standard Edition

After two months, the much awaited Xbox One will arrive on the announced November 22nd date. However, if you desire to order the gaming console from Microsoft before the vacation period, we advise you to visit the online retailer’s site at the earliest. The reason behind it is that the stock of Microsoft Xbox One is getting sold at a quick pace. So, if you eagerly desire to buy the next gen gaming console, you will have to visit every retailer website to check whether it is available for purchase.


The Day One edition of Xbox One is not available now. This means you won’t be able to avail it through popular online stores like Best Buy, Toys R US, Microsoft Store and Amazon. The Xbox One is available in two configuration versions. The first one is called Xbox One Day One Edition which comes with special Xbox Live Day One (special achievement) and an exclusive edition of monogrammed Xbox One controller, Kinect sensor, chat headset and HDMI cable. The entire package is available for $499. This package is exclusively for the day when the Xbox One will be launched.

There is another version of Xbox One which does not include special achievement Xbox Live Day One and monogrammed Xbox One. However, it does come with other items like Kinect sensor, controller, chat headset and HDMI cable. Even this product is priced at $499. This version of Xbox One will be made available in the month of December. The expected date for the arrival of this version is December 31st according to different retailers.

At Best Buy, interested customers will be able to grab their Xbox One at midnight. By the way, only customers who have placed pre-order will be able to purchase it. Like Best Buy, even Toys R Us claim that the Day One Edition is completely sold out. The standard version can be availed at Toys R Us but as of now it is not being offered on pre-order basis.

GameStop is not offering any of the versions of Xbox One. Interested customers can only sign up for Xbox One First email list to get updates on Xbox One. At the Microsoft Store, the situation is same. If you visit Amazon, you will know that even they are not showing the Day One Edition for purchase. However, they are offering the Standard Edition. Both Microsoft Store and Amazon are going to make the Standard Edition available by December 31st.