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Xbox One, PS4 Release Date Nears as Microsoft Slashes Price New Console

Microsoft aims to win over PlayStation fans by releasing the newest version of their gaming console i.e. Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 was planned to launch with a price tag lesser than the rival Xbox One. However, Microsoft has gone ahead and slashed the price of the soon to be released Xbox One.

Unlike the PS4, gamers are pretty sure as to what to anticipate from the Xbox One mainly because of the Reveal event held by Microsoft in the month of May and then through the E3 event in June. The Xbox One is expected to be officially out in the market in 21 countries on the same release date.

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A far as the specs are concerned, Microsoft has powered the Xbox One with an 8 core x86 CPU from AMD. It comes with 8GB memory onboard. The storage drive is of 500GB. Some of the other features include Blu-ray Drive, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, HDMI port, 1080p output, USB 3.0 and many more.

There hasn’t been any official announcement on the Xbox One release date by Microsoft but according to the listing on Amazon.com, the expected release date of Xbox One is November 27. Xbox One team is surely eyeing on PS4 to predicts its release date. The Xbox One is has got whole lot of features onboard which makes us say that it is not just a gaming console but a complete entertaining device as it also allows you to watch your favorite TV programs.

If the Xbox One manages to release before the PS4, it will surely manage to stay ahead of the PS4. The Xbox Ones comes with game sharing feature which allows player to share games with up to ten friends. You can instantly switch from television to gaming whenever you want. With Snap Mode, you can split your screen to show multiple entertainment platforms.

The Xbox One Guide allows you to search for your favorite television programs. With Skype onboard, you can make video calls through the Xbox One. Xbox One’s Kinect is able to understand gestures thanks to the 1080p camera lens onboard. It offers cloud storage to save oyur games and profiles. The Xbox One controller is now available with 40 new technology changes.

The most important thing that we should know about the Xbox One is that it is no longer a gaming console. With manifold features onboard, the gaming console has transformed into a full-fledged family entertainment device. Microsoft has managed to get the XboxOne.com and XboxOne.net from a UK citizen. On the other hand, PlayStation.com is not owned by Sony and it has not taken any active steps to get that domain name.

As the Xbox One release date draws near, Microsoft has announced a price cut of 10%. The device was going to go on sale at $499.  The price cut is available through online coupons from Toys R Us and Xia Xia Shell. Currently, the deal is only available for UK fans and not available in US. The coupon has to be redeemed by August.

The Xbox One release date is one of the most searched queries on the web. Even though Microsoft has remained mum on the release date of Xbox One. Many tech enthusiasts feel the device is going to be available on November 27. Let us see how the competition unfolds between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as they near their respective release date.


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